Equestrian Career

Lisa represented New Zealand at International FEI Grand Prix Dressage, and achieved a Certificate of Capability for the World Equestrian Games.

She has been placed Internationally in dressage and won numerous competitions at National Level up to Grand Prix and winning Small Tour Premier League competitions.

In 2007 Lisa was awarded the Charisma Trust Scholarship for a NZ rider most likely to go to an Olympic Games who had not yet been on a team.

As a young rider Lisa represented New Zealand on the Pony Club Team for the 1991 Inter-Pacific Rally, Show Jumping and Eventing.

Lisa became only the second rider in NZ to be awarded an Honours Pass for the NZPCA ‘A’ Certificate, this prestigious qualification is the highest attainable for a young rider. She also gained her 'H' Certificate which is the highest qualification for young rider horsemastership.